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We are experts in church financing and would like to help you to get that perfect loan for your new church project or to help you to expand you existing congregation by getting capital to expand the items, pews, books, bibles, chairs etc.. We specialize in Church's and have access to many different lenders to help you to get the loan that you need. Even if the banks have turned you down we can help!

No matter whether you need the money for the building or a commercial mortgage for the land we can help. And remember that even though others have said no let us see what we can do. This is our specialty!

Different Programs For Different Churches!

Easy To Get Qualified Program For Fast Growers or Turnarounds: This is our our church loan program that is the easiest to get your church qualified for. Businesses can grow very fast and churches are no exception to this. Based on past proceeds they would be able to make the new payment however we have a program just for this. Also works well for churches that have had memberships issues but have now made a turn around in membership. The interest rates on these loans are a little bit  higher but a Church can borrow up to 4.6 times its "gross" income - not net but gross!! And more importantly there are no "personal guarantees" are needed at any time.

Traditional Church Loan Program of 5/25 and 5/20 - Goes Up To 80%: These offer the lowest rates for churches. The Loan to value goes up to 80% and rates are extremely competitive - the best that we see in the industry. This church loan program uses a "traditional debt ration or coverage underwriting method" to qualify a church. And remember that there are no personal loan guarantees on this loan either.

90 Percent "Purchase A Church" Program: If you are buying a church building or land at a discount then that discount can be used as part of the payment. For example, if a church is purchasing a property that is worth $1,000,000 and they are buying it for $600,000 many times a a down payment of 10% of the actual purchase price ($60,000 based on the $600,000 purchase price). Both the interest rates and loan terms on the 90% church financing program are very good. The maximum loan amount 3 x the churches gross" income- not net. No "personal guarantees" are required to get this loan.


Contact us if you have any questions on any of these church loan programs!

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